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Our Mission Partners

FLAB believes that when two or more groups strive for the same goals, they get more accomplished by working together. We maintain on going partnerships with several leading national organizations in order to reach underserved audiences more directly and we know first-hand how teamwork can bring about extraordinary outcomes.

Together, FLAB and its partners address the financial education needs of large groups of Indians. Individual projects emphasize the nation's underserved, teachers, youth, emerging households, and people whose special circumstances can be improved through relevant, practical, and customized financial information, education or training.

FLAB Partner Organizations

To empower Indian's to become masters of their own finances, FLAB partners with organizations who provide the setting and the students for our classes. We call these organizations FLAB Partners

The following is a partial list of our FLAB Partners:

Financial Partners

Financial Partners provide monetary and other support to the FLAB. The FLAB is grateful for the help that these and other partners provide.

  • National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)
  • Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund
  • IIFL
  • National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • IFAN
  • American Academy of Financial Management India (AAFM India)

How it Works?

FLAB is committed to long-term, strategic partnerships.

For each partner-based project we undertake, FLAB conducts research and focus groups and participates in active listening to get to the root of the need. Once we find out the best way to deliver the financial knowledge we create the content, delivery mechanism, quality control and assessment structures. FLAB continues to collect information from the partner on an on-going basis to evolve and improve the project according to feedback.

When FLAB considers partnerships, we look for several key aspects, including:

National Non-Profit: FLAB provides its services at no cost to the user and requires the partner to do the same.

Scalability: Adding on to existing achievements can be a powerful way to build on our successes. Another way to extend the reach of projects is to broaden them to a national scale so as to touch more lives.

Focus on helping the underserved: This makes it possible to achieve significant long-lasting improvements in the lives of people most in need.

Enable FLAB to break new ground through innovative thinking.

If you want to partner Financial Literacy Advisory Body India in sponsoring Financial Literacy or Investor Awareness Programs you can contact us.

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