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Financially Empowered India

Mission & Vision

Spreading Financial Awareness and Investor Education

Mission & Vision


To create awareness and educate consumers on access to financial services, to educate the public or investors on the Financial Literacy, to protect the interest of the investors, to create awareness on availability of various types of Financial Products and their features, provide necessary infrastructure for public or investors to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become financially literate, to change attitudes to translate knowledge into behaviour, to provide aid and assistance to public or investors to develop and maintain appropriate standards of competence for financial education and literacy through examination and continuing education, and to make consumers understand their rights and responsibilities as clients of financial services.

Everyone deserves a financial education.

Grounded in the belief that regardless of background or income level, financially informed individuals are better able to take control of their circumstances, improve their quality of life, and ensure a more stable future for themselves and their families, FLAB’s mission is to inspire educated financial decision making for individuals and families through every stage of life.

We envision a world where people make informed, thoughtful, and beneficial financial decisions that are aligned with their values so that they can enjoy better, more secure, and more satisfying lives.

FLAB is driven by purposeful, service-oriented work.

FLAB has identified eight initiatives that describe how we achieve our mission, as well as outline the goals and standards that guide our activities. Every project or program FLAB undertakes must fit within the scope of at least one of the following defined FLAB initiatives:

  1. Empower Indians to achieve their life goals through the prudent and informed management of their financial resources.
  2. Help instil in all Indians the commitment to save toward the realization of their financial goals and their future financial security.
  3. Assist consumers in understanding and actively participating in the management of their investments.
  4. Better prepare all Indians for their retirement years.
  5. Encourage in the nation's young people an understanding of personal financial planning and the acquisition of sound money management skills.
  6. Effect the financial education of individuals in special circumstances, and support the development and delivery of programs and materials related to their unique needs.
  7. Expand the financial literacy body of knowledge through research in support of developing a discipline that prepares educators and other intermediaries to improve the financial well-being of the public.
  8. Support proactive research of consumer, social, and business trends.
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